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Newspaper An online digital media. We started our journey from Facebook page and group. Firstly writing ‘Lekhalekhi’ with the name of writing and news in the world. Then, about a year in the name of ‘KhoborerJhuli’, we have been publishing fearlessly on Facebook. Beginning June 2017, the ‘Bengali Viral News’ has started. At present, in addition to the website, Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp News hangs in the news of Bengali news. In fact, in this digital media digital news world there is a new light ‘Bengali Viral News’ in the media. If there is a mistake in the news then we would apologize. In the media that reflects happiness, sorrow, hope, aspiration in the country and the world. Newspapers want to provide a new hope in the news world. Our sole aim is to defend the truth for the welfare of the people.

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News spreads online for easy exploring news, events, stories, videos, and more. The sources of the words collected here are copyrighted by the source’s author and news source.

It’s not a search engine or dictionary. From here no reference can be given as reference. It can be taken as a good guide to easily find news, stories, events, videos, etc. Further details for better quotes are certainly welcome.

‘Bengali Viral News’ is collecting news, story, videos from the world’s popular sites. Welcome to the news again… Thank you …